Stephen Eakin

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Born in Panama City Florida during the summer of 1981, Stephen Eakin received an M.F.A. from the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis in 2007. Eakin has shown at Rogue Space in Chelsea, New York City, Rosalux Gallery in Minneapolis, Axis Gallery in Sacramento, and The San Joaquin International Film Festival in Stockton. He has exhibited video, film, installation, and sculptural projects in Minneapolis, Reno, Berkeley, Sacramento, Stockton, New York City, Kalamata, Winnipeg, and Texas. He has an upcoming solo exhibition at Lousiana Tech University, as well as a two person exhibition at AC Institute in Chelsea in fall of 2011.


My work investigates the processes we have for remembrance and the leaving of a legacy. Typically using myself as a starting point, I engage with my own personal mortality and familial traditions, experiences, narratives, and memories in a way that foregrounds practices of dying. Some projects are interactive, while others are purely sculptural.  Some of them are ephemeral, while others are more object-based. These artworks provide spaces of contemplation, rather than conclusive statements or solutions.  The interest in providing such a space comes out of very personal experiences with death – in particular the death of my father in 1996 – and having enough distance from such experiences to reflect on them in a way that allows questions to be raised and answered without feeling emotionally overwhelmed. I find these acts of reflection to be invaluable, and am interested in imparting such experiences on others.