Lacey Prpic Hedtke

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Lacey Prpic Hedtke finished her BFA in photography from the Art Institute of Boston in 2003 where she found her place in the history of photography, squarely in the 19th century. She pursued her Masters of Library and Information Science at St. Catherine University in 2008. She is a MN State Arts Board Artist Initiative Grant recipient for her work with tintypes, which were included in and Springboard for the Arts’ inaugural Community Supported Arts project. She has lectured and taught artist workshops at the University of Minnesota and the Minnesota Center for Book Arts. She is active in the Zine community and participates in, as well as organizes Zine Fests across the Midwest. She has exhibited at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, the Mahan Gallery in Ohio, Clifford/Smith in Boston. She is an antiquated photographer, grant writer, zinester, musician, bike rider, and dog lover. Lacey lives and works in Minneapolis, where she teaches alternative photo processes at the Minneapolis Photo Center.


My tintypes are inspired by divination rituals, spiritual beliefs and the hope that clues to the future can originate from nature. My work relies on chance, as there is no negative. Each image is created on metal, a psychically conductive material. From tea leaves to icicles, I observe my subject matter in the exploration of finding energy in objects and nature.