Jason Gaspar

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I was born in Brownsville, Texas. In 1987 my father moved the family to the suburbs of Dallas Ft Worth: tortillas became bread.

I received a BFA from the University of North Texas in 2005 and an MFA from
the University of Minnesota in 2010. Since then my involvement in art has varied.  Thanks to the Art Scholarship Fund, CLA Graduate Scholar Fellowship and the Patricia Tillberg Hasselmo Fellowship, my work has traveled from Minnesota to Mexico. Such exhibitions include Hablando de lo Que se Puede Hacer in Xalapa, and Untitled in Coatepec, Mexico as well as Rumble on the South Side at Art of This in Minneapolis and the Arrowhead Biennial in Duluth Minnesota. Several exhibitions are in the periphery. Next stop California. Currently I live and work in Queens, NY.


I make site-specific videos and photographs that document actions, spaces and locations.  Currently, I am especially interested in visiting and working within the landscapes and urban backdrops of Texas (where I was born), Mexico (where my family immigrated from) and New York (current residence).  In my work, movement is related to personal history and location. Socially, it speaks to the effects of race, economics, belief and identity. Tying one to the other is how I decipher the “otherness” I’ve inherited.  I am what I consider to be a North American hybrid. An “everyday” creature whose learned to embody a mix of cultures, languages, identities and bodies.